DaDaABC is an online English teaching company that offers ESL classes to Chinese children. With famous investors such as QINGSONG FUND, FEIMA FUND, DRAGONRISE CAPITAL, YONGHUA CAPITAL and ORIENTAL FORTUNE CAPITAL, DaDaABC has a banking investment totaling several hundred million dollars. DaDaABC attracted hundreds of thousands of students and is one of the largest online English teaching companies for children in China.

Become friends with students

DaDaABC's main advantage relies on its regular students. Teachers get to adapt and personalize their teaching style to each one of their regular students. For other online English companies, teachers get to teach new students every time. With DaDaABC, our teachers and their students can bond and build strong friendships.

DaDaABC wants to build strong relationships with their teachers! We will provide teachers with the necessary training before they start teaching so that they can perform their best in class!

Every teacher can come to China and join our student-teacher meetings! It is also possible for teachers to stay in Shanghai and become full-time DaDaABC staff. As a possibility, teachers can also become part of the recruitment team.

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