How can I apply?

Visit https://www.dadaabc.com/teacher/job and fill in the application form.

Applying will only take a few minutes! Please make sure all your information is correct, also include your clear profile picture and latest resume.

Can I teach outside of Mainland China?

Sure! We have the best IT team to make sure all your classes run smoothly, no matter where you are in the world, as long as your internet connection is stable!

What devices do I need?

1. A computer with a webcam (HD webcam preferred);
2. A headset with microphone;
3. Stable Internet connection (wired connection preferred);
4. Google Chrome browser or DaDaClass software.

What’s the minimum Internet speed required for online teaching?

Upload speed should be at least 2mb/s. And download speed should be at least 10mb/s.
You can visit www.speedtest.net to run a test.

What’s the duration of the contract term?

We prefer a 12 months minimum contract. Contract renewal is based on your performance.

What should I do if I don’t get any response after I submit my application?

If you didn’t receive any feedback within three working days, you might not be in the recruiting process.
Please add our Skype: gracecheese1/ Wechat: dadaabcteacher to address this issue.


What’s the recruiting process like?

1. Uploading CV/resume;
2. Initial interview;
3. Internet connection testing & System training;
4. TPR training;
5. Watch the video records of qualified teachers;
6. Demo class;
7. Sign contract;
8. Probation performance review;
9. Getting hired!

How do I conduct my interview?

The initial interview will be conducted through skype/Wechat. If you pass the first interview, you will receive a link to your teacher portal and your account. Then, our recruiter will help you go through the Internet connection testing and system training.

What do I need to prepare for the Internet connection test?

Connect your computer to the Internet via cable. Please wear a headset with a microphone for connection test. Make sure to conduct the internet connection test in a private and quiet room, where you will teach your online classes.

What should I do if I can’t log in on the website?

Please take a screenshot and either send an email to teacher_recruiter@dadaabc.com or contact your recruiter through Skype or WeChat.

What’s TPR training?

TPR stands for total physical response. TPR training aims to examine teacher’s teaching style and develop the potential of teacher’s teaching skills, using more body language.


Do I need to prepare any teaching materials?

No. DaDaABC Teaching Research Department is devoted to providing the original materials with the latest and highest quality to students. Nevertheless, teachers need to preview materials before classes.

What are trial classes?

Trial classes are for students who either just started studying English at DaDaABC or are looking for a regular teacher.

What are elective classes?

Elective classes are more like extra curriculum classes, focusing on special interest topics.

What are major classes?

Major classes are designated for your regular students in fixed time slots.

How long are the classes?

We have three kinds of classes.
A trial class is 14 minutes;
An elective class is 30 minutes;
A major class is 30 minutes;
Some exceptions, a trial class may take 30 minutes, and a major class may take 60 minutes.

What should I do if the student doesn’t show up?

Please stay in the classroom and inform us if the student doesn’t show up. You can click “ Help” in the classroom to require your TA's support.

What should I do if parents ask for my contact info?

Please don't give away your personal contact information. Please tell the parents to contact DaDaABC staff if they want to know any details.


When is pay day?

Your monthly payment is made on the 15th of the next month. Overseas bank transfer will take 2-5 working days.

How much am I paid?

Your pay rate is determined by your TPR training result and demo class performance. Your payment is calculated according to your contract hours and teaching hours. For the time that you are teaching, you will receive full payment. If your standby time is equal to or longer than 30 minutes, you will receive half payment for this period.

Do I have any bonus aside from monthly salary?

1. You will have 100RMB for props fee after you join us;
2. You will have 50RMB as a trial class bonus if a student joins DaDaABC after having the class with you.

How do I obtain a pay raise?

We will evaluate your pay rate every 12 months. The raise depends on your attendance rate, punctuality, and class quality.

How much should I pay for tax?

DaDaABC teachers are responsible for their taxes.

What’s the payment method?

We offer cash (Shanghai), domestic bank transfer, overseas transfer, Alipay, WeChat, and PayPal.

How much is the transaction fee?

1. Cash: no transaction fee;
2. Domestic bank transfer: no transaction fee;
3. Overseas transfer: 200RMB/per transaction (we will update this if bank makes any change);
4. Alipay: no transaction fee;
5. WeChat: no transaction fee;
6. PayPal: 4.4% +$0.3 USD/ per transaction.


What are the teaching hours?

We have classes every day! You can provide us your available timetable and we choose hours according to our available class time slots:
Monday to Friday 6:00pm-9:10pm (Shanghai time)
Saturday and Sunday 10:00am-12:06pm; 2:00pm-4:06pm; 6:00pm-9:10pm (Shanghai time).

What are the minimum working hours per week?

We require teachers to teach at least 2 hours per day and 2 days per week. A consecutive two-day-minimum schedule is only allowed on weekends.

What’s the time difference between Shanghai and my local time?

Shanghai time is in the China Standard Time Zone, which is +8 GMT. Also, Shanghai doesn’t have daylight saving time.

Can I change my working schedule during the same contract terms?

Please be cautious and considerate when you sign contract hours. We hope you can keep your contract schedule for at least six months. Please don’t over promise to sign more hours at first. If you have to change your schedule, please give us at least a 30 days’ notice.

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