Is the first online English education company in mainland China to partner with the American TESOL Institute. In order to present world class curriculum to our students, we partnered with Pearson Test of English Academic, Highlights, and National Geographic Learning.

We want to provide the best teaching environment in order to “empower children to achieve more” through English learning!


Is the first online English education company in mainland China to partner with the American TESOL Institute. In order to present world class curriculum to our students, we partnered with Pearson Test of English Academic, Highlights, and National Geographic Learning.

We want to provide the best teaching environment in order to “empower children to achieve more” through English learning!

Who We Are

DaDaABC is an online one-on-one English education platform for children between 4 to 16 years old.

What We Do

We devote our selves to developing technologies that improve and perfect the online classroom. We want to provide a means for children to communicate confidently online with teachers from around the world!

DaDaABC has already attracted over a hundred thousand students from countries and regions such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, France, and Germany. To provide the highest level of teaching experience for our students, we have secured over ten thousand native English teachers to help each student improve their daily conversational skills, expand their vocabulary, and build their confidence to communicate with others in English.

What We Believe

  1. To ensure every child’s happiness while learning
  2. To provide teaching materials that will inspire children to learn
  3. To open children's minds to our world
  4. To provide the necessary tools to unlock children's full potential in life.

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4 Reasons to work with DaDaABC

  • Convenience

    DaDaABC provides an online education platform for one-on-one English teaching; you can enjoy teaching from the comfort of your home!


    Since we are an online company, it is a must to have a great support team! They are consistent and alert every time problems arise. Most importantly, you will always be paid on time and in full! We will make sure all your questions and concerns are answered.

  • Accomplishment

    One of our biggest advantages is that every teacher has regular students. This way, teachers can see the students’ improvements over time! With DaDaABC, you are not only teaching a language, but also helping children to explore different cultures. Take the opportunity to inspire children to achieve more!

    Career Development

    While working as an online teacher for DaDaABC, you can grow your international teaching experience. Depending on your efforts, you can receive opportunities to advance within the company!

DaDaABC Teachers
Experience from all over the world

  • Damian

    I’m so happy working with DadaABC! Teaching from the comfort of my home is really enjoyable. All the teaching materials are ready and available, the working hours are rather flexible, and the staff is very professional. The kids are absolutely lovely – it seems that they enjoy online classes quite a lot! We chat, we draw, we sing, we play all kinds of games – studying like this makes students relaxed and stress-free. I’ve been teaching my pupils for quite some time now, and it’s great to see them improve their English. I’d even say that some of them are my little friends. I would recommend DaDaABC to everybody that’s looking for something completely new and exciting!


    This job has flexible hours, and I particularly enjoy teaching students on a one-to-one basis. I enjoy being a teacher and working with young and older children who are eager to learn English. This makes me feel proud, satisfied and makes me continue to work hard for the future. I like to think that this is not just a job, but a passion of mine. Talking and listening to children as they learn and continue to improve gives me great satisfaction. Thank you DaDaABC!

  • Abdi

    Working with DaDaABC is a unique experience! I really enjoy how each lesson is so different and unique. Whenever I encounter some problems or need some help, the teacher assistants or IT staff are always there for me. I feel happy and satisfied with DaDaABC!


    I have worked with DaDaABC for a year now and taught in China for over ten years. I have to say that this is one of the best institutions I worked with. You can easily do your regular 9-5 job and then comfortably teach a couple of extra hours at home. Interacting with Chinese kids is a great experience! You can teach all levels of English from beginners to advanced. Some students just want to improve their pronunciation, reading, and writing. Also, I feel that my experience with the staff and students is both professional yet still laid back, where we can communicate with each other and have a good laugh. I would strongly recommend DaDaABC to anyone who has the extra time and has taught children before.

  • Cavin

    I studied for my Master in 3 countries - China is one of them, so with DaDaABC, I can keep in touch with Chinese students. I really like the team at the company-all the girls are really sweet - the team is helpful...the payment is very fair and for me the most of the working hours are great. Moreover, I love to see my students improving. I have one student whom I taught for two years now; her name is Angel. She did not know how to speak English, and now she is great. Her new goal is to go abroad. It makes me happy I can help her reach her goals!


    My time with DadaABC has been professionally and personally rewarding. The team is always there ready to help answer questions or even with tech problems. The flexibility we are given is rare in most companies today. DadaABC also cares about the teacher’s growth by providing the resources we need to stay up to date.

  • Phil

    I love working with DadaABC. Some of the things I like are the class structure and the personalized lessons that come with the one-on-one setup DadaABC uses. This class style allows me to be flexible. You get to build great relationships with your students. You can cater to their individual needs with DadaABC. The staff is accommodating and understanding when it comes to their teachers. DaDaABC is by far one of the best companies I have worked for!


    I have been teaching at DadaABC for over a year now. They have provided me with a stable, reliable, professional and most importantly fun platform to teach children and teenagers. My regular students are from ages five to fifteen, with all levels of English. My students are amazing, and without exception, they are all hugely motivated and keen to learn and progress with their English skills. The online classrooms are easy to navigate, and DadaABC provides a lot of guidance and training videos to help. I have found all departments from IT to teaching assistants very helpful, efficient and also very prompt at responding to any problems that might occur. I find the flexible hours great, and they fit in perfectly with my life. For me, all in all, DadaABC is a great company to work for, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.


with DaDaABC

  • Oct.2016

    CENGAGE National Geographic Learning Courseware <Reach> exclusive online partner in China

  • Sept.2016

    Sina Five-Star Golden Foreign Teacher Award

  • Aug.2016

    One of the 50 Business Starter in Shanghai-Shanghai Economic Critic

  • Jul.2016

    The most Growing Value Award and The Best Youth Model Award of 2016 -The Fifth Financial & Economic Summit of China

  • Jun.2016

    Top 20 among online teaching of China in 2016 -Selection Committee of Top 100 online teaching of China

  • Mar.2016

    1st Female entrepreneurship Festival - Best new female entrepreneur award

  • Dec.2015

    Tencent Education the most creditable children’s English brand in 2015

  • Nov.2015

    Tencent Education-most valuable online education agency and most famous children’s English teaching agency in China

Not only a job but a career!

We have a competitive promotion and compensation package which can make teaching online the start of a progressive career path.

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