Career Improvement Program

We offer all our teachers a program to develop valued skills and great opportunities in regards to career improvement. We provide TESOL online training courses and help teachers obtain a TESOL certification. We want to give teachers the opportunity to become qualified ESL online English teachers. While working for DaDaABC, you are on a path towards your career development. It’s a chance to turn your part time job into a full-time fun career!

Career Improvement Program

American TESOL Institute

Teacher Cathy

Cathy has been teaching English at DaDaABC since August 2013. Before that, she had no working experience related to teaching.

During the past three years, Cathy worked 6pm—9pm (Shanghai time) every evening during the week.

She taught 3447 lessons in DaDaABC altogether.

Now, she is not only a teacher at DaDaABC, but also a recruiter for the company.

She helps us with recruitment and also trains new teachers!


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